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Five Reasons You Should Attend WISH 2018 Summit

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Five Reasons You Should Attend WISH 2018 Summit

By Mahmoud El Achi, Research and Policy Development Officer, WISH                      

In our busy schedule, we can easily let events that can enhance our expert knowledge, pass us by. But attending summits, conferences and workshops with a mix of people who have a shared interest in our chosen field can seriously boost our passion for what we do, as well as give us plenty of food for thought (and new connections) for the future.

Taking part in professional events face-to-face can have many benefits both on personal and professional level. If you are working in the healthcare sector anywhere in the world, and particularly if you have an interest in global health or are directly, or indirectly, involved in health policy, then the biennial World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) can be an effective one-stop shop for exploring innovative ideas that directly affect efforts to build a healthier world.

Policymakers, opinion formers, and experts from the health sector converge in Doha to share ideas and experiences, as well as challenge one another.

This year, 2018, WISH takes place on November 13-14 at Qatar National Convention Center and brings experts to discuss nine different health-related topics: viral hepatitis, the provision of health in conflict areas, eye health, data science and AI in healthcare, the role of the private sector in health, design in health, anxiety and depression, Palliative care and Islamic ethics, and, finally, nursing and universal health coverage.

But that’s not all. WISH also revisits topics discussed during the previous summits, presents thought-provoking keynote speakers, and creates a buzz around healthcare in its interactive exhibition space – the ‘Innovation Hub’.

So, let me give you five reasons why you should attend WISH 2018 summit:

  1. Find out the expert policy recommendations for the nine research topics being explored for WISH 2018.

Every summit WISH produces reports written by diverse global healthcare experts that explore pressing global issues, makes policy recommendations, and highlights case studies from a range of different countries. This summit, and for the first time, Qatar-based case studies will also be included in each of the WISH 2018 reports.

The Research Forum topics for WISH 2018 are:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Design in Health
  • Eye Health
  • Healthcare in Conflict Settings
  • Palliative Care and Islamic Ethics
  • Nursing and Universal Health Coverage
  • The Role of the Private Sector in Healthcare
  • Viral Hepatitis
  1. Learn about developments in areas previously explored at WISH.

The nine forums, mentioned above, will highlight and address topics that cover medical, ethical, technological, and humanitarian aspects of healthcare. In addition to those nine healthcare areas, experts will debate on ten topics as part of the WISH policy briefing series – a series that aims to discover if advances have been made in improving the situation in areas previously identified by WISH as needing scrutiny.

The policy briefings for WISH 2018 are:

  • Accountable care
  • Applying behavioral insights to tackle major non-communicable diseases
  • Precision medicine
  • Mental health and well-being in children and adolescents
  • Patient safety
  • Healthy cities/populations
  • Non-communicable Diseases
  1. Learn about the latest technological advancements and invention in the global healthcare sector.

The WISH Innovation Hub mixes established global organizations, such as The Carter Center and Save the Children, alongside less established companies who nonetheless have plenty to share with the delegates. This year, the Innovation Hub will feature various stages and meet-up areas too.

  1. Explore new health-related start-ups from the winners of our ‘Young Innovators’ competition

WISH celebrates the spirit of innovation through its Young Innovators competition, which provides a platform for tomorrow’s most promising healthcare leaders. This year WISH is featuring 10 Young Innovators from 10 different countries; that means 10 different innovations. From straightforward devices that helps people with visual impairment to an auto-cleaning laparoscope, to complex innovations that use machine learning and AI, our innovation hub will showcase true ingenuity that promises a healthier world.

Attending WISH 2018 offers an opportunity to meet the fledgling innovators, talk to them about their experience, explore their innovations, and learn how they came up with their innovation.

  1. Meet health experts from diverse fields and share knowledge

This year and for the first time, WISH is introducing Braindates by E180. Braindates offer a unique connection and learning experience that gives delegates the opportunity to learn from those that share the same interests, either in one-to-one session or in group conversations. Braindates remove barriers to allow you to network and help you start meaningful conversations right away. The Braindate experience is ultimately about sharing knowledge with other participants at WISH, in a friendly setting.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now and be part of WISH’s One Global Community.

By wish admin, CEO, WISH, and Didi Thompson, Director of Research and Content, WISH.