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The time to act is now

The time to act is now

Sanaa AlHarahsheh, Josélia Neves, Kamilla Swart, Sabika Shaban, Ali Hudaib, David Legg, Mary Dubon, Nick Webborn, Kristina Fagher, Stephanie DeLuca, Wayne Derman, Cheri Blauwet

Regular physical activity, including participation in sports, positively impacts health and wellbeing in myriad ways, including: reducing the risk of chronic physical health conditions, such as diabetes and obesity; reducing the instance and impact of depression and anxiety; and improving self-esteem and prosocial behavior. These benefits hold true for all segments of the population. Yet persons with disabilities (PWDs) are less likely to engage in sports, often due to insufficient efforts by sports organizations, schools, governments, and policymakers to make these activities more inclusive.

Executive Summary