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Focusing Accountability on the Outcomes that Matter

Focusing Accountability on the Outcomes that Matter

Dr Mark McClellan with Dr James Kent, Stephen Beales, Michael Macdonnell, Andrea Thoumi, Benedict Shuttleworth, and Dr Samuel Cohen

HealthCare should be directed away from centralized institutions like hospitals and instead prioritize the patient experience itself. Traditionally individualized models should work together in innovative ways to ensure customized modes of care can be delivered. This is relevant now more than ever as healthcare should treat people ailing from one or more chronic illnesses. <br><br> Accountable care is a new proposed model for healthcare that addresses this central health policy challenge. It aims to boost quality and reduce cost by reallocating resources in the areas where need be.

Executive Summary


Across developed and emerging nations alike, healthcare costs are outpacing the growth of national incomes, driven by aging populations, rising expectations for highquality care, the increasing burden of chronic conditions, and an ever-wider range of health technologies and treatments. Although new technologies offer longer and better lives, wide variation in the quality of care persists within countries, regions, and cities, with little correlation between the quality and cost of care. The challenge for many health systems is to slow the growth in expenditure while simultaneously providing better quality care.