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Eliminating Viral Hepatitis: The Investment Case

Eliminating Viral Hepatitis: The Investment Case

Alisa Pedrana, Jess Howell, Sophia Schröder, Nick Scott, David Wilson, Christian Kuschel, Lisa Aufegger, Margaret Hellard

The goal of this paper is to create an efficient operating global health community that is empowered enough to tackle VH.

The Viral Hepatitis forum and the resultant report focuses on high-level inputs critical to achieving hepatitis C elimination by 2030. The report proposes an investment case providing recommendations on how country governments and global donors can maximize their investments to achieve viral hepatitis elimination. It identifies the importance of enabling a political and financial environment that supports country-level implementation of viral hepatitis elimination strategies across all settings.

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Margaret Hellard

Margaret Hellard is the Deputy Director of the Burnet Institute. For almost two decades Margaret’s work has centred around infectious diseases, preventing their transmission and identifying the impact of these infections in vulnerable populations.