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Road Traffic Injury and Trauma Care: Innovations for Policy (Road Trip)

Road Traffic Injury and Trauma Care: Innovations for Policy (Road Trip)

Professor Adnan A Hyder with Dr Prasanthi Puvanachandra and Katharine A Allen

Road traffic injuries pose a series of threats to an individual’s psyche from accidents as a result of DUI, above average speed and cell phone use. Therefore, there is a need to develop more efficient pre-emptive interventions. This report along with the help of WISH Forum for Road Traffic Injury and Traffic Care examine the acute factors leading up to road injuries and propose innovative solutions.

Road traffic injuries (RTIs) are a major cause of death and disability around the world. Significant progress has been made in reducing RTIs, but more can and should be done. Forum members bring a wealth of experience and forward thinking to the table. With representation from health systems, private and public sectors, non-governmental organizations and research institutions, the panel reflects the multi-sectoral nature of road safety and trauma care. The Forum will build on an analysis of existing best practices as well as promising practices at local, national and international levels to make practical recommendations to policy-makers on how the burden of RTIs can be reduced in an innovative and sustainable way. The Forum will consider a wide range of policy levers and interventions, including primary prevention, post-injury care and rehabilitation to effect change. Key to the work of the Forum will be a focus on innovations that can provide new solutions, new methods for implementation or new potential for scaling up evidence-based interventions to save millions of lives.

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Dr Adnan A. Hyder

Dr Hyder received his MD from Aga Khan University, Pakistan and obtained his MPH and PhD in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has served as a consultant to several international organizations including the World Bank and the World Health Organization in Geneva. He has been working on injury prevention and control in developing countries, especially Asia, the Middle East and Africa, for 20 years and has published widely in the international literature. Dr Hyder directs the Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit, where he heads the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Road Safety Program. He has edited several major global reports including the: WHO/World Bank-World Report on Road Traffic Injuries Prevention; WHO-Guidelines for Injury Surveys; WHO/UNICEF-World Report on Child Injuries; and authored the chapters on ‘injuries’ and ‘emergency care’ for the Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries project. Dr Hyder is well known for his work on burden of disease and injury measures, for developing the healthy life year indicator, and for building on the health systems approach to injury prevention and control in developing countries.