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Healthcare in Conflict Settings: Leaving No One Behind

Healthcare in Conflict Settings: Leaving No One Behind

Rachel Thompson Mukesh Kapila

This report argues how and the type of emergency response mechanisms need to be in place to mitigate the severity of damage in conflict settings.

The focus of the WISH Healthcare in Conflict Settings forum and the report produced by the forum is on healthcare for conflict affected populations. The central question is about how to achieve universal healthcare provision for such populations. Key evidence-based strategies are outlined in the report which includes a framework of principles to guide health action in conflicts. Innovative solutions are needed to tackle key constraints- these may be new technologies, new forms of data gathering and analysis, and new forms of organizational working. It may also be the application of existing technologies and approaches in new ways in the special circumstances of armed conflict.

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Mukesh Kapila

Mukesh Kapila CBE is Professor of Global Health and Humanitarian Affairs at the University of Manchester. He is also Chief Executive of The Defeat-NCD Partnership, in Geneva. He was Special Adviser to the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May 2016. He was formerly Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.