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The Human-Centered Health System: Transforming Healthcare with Design

The Human-Centered Health System: Transforming Healthcare with Design

Lenny Naar Andrew Zimmermann Kyra Bobinet Aaron Sklar

This report argues for the need to center patient experience as the ultimate goal of health design and investment and aligning the interests of stakeholders to achieve this goal.

Design has been proven to lower cost of care delivery, improve outcomes, and lead to better patient and provider experiences. While design has demonstrated a strong ability to drive effective outcomes, it is still relatively new in its application in the health space. The WISH forum and report on design in health covers the following topic areas: describing models and methods of design; application of design to infectious disease, non-communicable disease, and access to care; and recommendations for implementing design.

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Aaron Sklar

Aaron Sklar is Co-founder of Prescribe Design. Throughout his career, Aaron has led design teams focused on improving people’s quality of life, health and wellness. Prior to joining Giant he spent several years in health-tech startups and 14 years at IDEO, an award-winning global design firm.