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Safeguarding our Healthcare Systems A Global Framework for Cybersecurity

Safeguarding our Healthcare Systems A Global Framework for Cybersecurity

Niki O’Brien, Guy Martin, Emilia Grass, Mike Durkin, Saira Ghafur

This WISH report provides a framework for the protection of our health systems through the adoption of newfound cybersecurity systems.

The WISH Safeguarding our Healthcare systems: A global framework for cybersecurity report presents a globally applicable framework for cyber readiness in healthcare, developed to guide policymakers and healthcare organizations in strengthening their cybersecurity infrastructure and, ultimately, protecting their patient populations.

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Dr. Saira Ghafur

Dr. Saira Ghafur is the Digital Health Lead at the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London and an honorary consultant in respiratory medicine at St Mary’s Hospital. At Imperial College Dr. Ghafur has spearheaded the College’s collaboration for healthcare cybersecurity. Dr. Ghafur also leads work on evidence generation for digital health, the value of healthcare data and AI and machine learning for health in low and middle income countries. Dr. Ghafur is also the co-founder of two start-ups: Psyma (mental health) and Prova Health (evidence generation in digital health), and holds a MSc in Health Policy from Imperial and was also a Harkness Fellow in Health Policy and Practice in New York (2017).