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Pro Mujer

Organization: Pro Mujer

Country: USA

Forum: Innovation Showcases

In Latin America, chronic diseases, including diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, are now the leading cause of death.
Pro Mujer’s “Integrated Women’s Empowerment and Healthcare Model” ties the delivery of healthcare services to the delivery of microfinance services to increase coverage and access among low-income women in Latin America. To ensure impact, reach, and financial sustainability, services are either included with a primary loan, available in pre-paid packages with financing options, or provided on a fee-for-service basis, all at below-market costs.

Pro Mujer’s branches serve as a “one-stop-shop” where Pro Mujer’s 300,000 clients repay their loans and also are offered screenings, counseling, and consultations on-site to facilitate the early detection and treatment of chronic disease. To maximize the impact of this work Pro Mujer also provides prevention-focused health education through social marketing campaigns, children’s educational corners, and the “Pro Mujer Salud” Facebook platform.

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