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Oman's Health Vision 2050

Organization: Government of Oman

Country: Sultanate of Oman

Forum: Obesity

In 2011, the Ministry of Health in Oman took the initiative to develop a long-term strategy for the next forty years, namely “Health Vision 2050”. It is the first of its kind in the region. The Vision focuses on strengthening the health system by taking advantage of recent progress and using the latest evidence to create a health system that will meet the needs of future demographic and epidemiological profiles. In order to achieve the 2050 Vision, Oman has developed a series of Five-Year Health Development Plans.

Oman has made remarkable advances in public health over the last 40 years, especially in the fields of child mortality, vaccination coverage, increased life expectancy and greater control of infectious diseases. The Health Vision 2050 aims to:

  • mprove tertiary care facilities
  • Upgrade and integrate healthcare training and facilities
  • Build capabilities and skills of medical professions
  • Develop human resources and provide greater role for private sector funding in healthcare
  • Spread health services throughout the country by developing a central ‘medical city’ with branches into the governorates
  • Integrate the health sector with other areas of the economy

The government offers free health care to all citizens, but the last major public hospital was completed some 20 years ago. Since the population has expanded by nearly 50% over the past decade, investments in health care are needed to keep pace. There are plans to set up 10,000 health centers by 2050 in order to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population.

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