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Bleep Bleeps

Organization: Bleep Bleeps

Country: UK

Forum: Innovation Showcases

Bleep Bleeps are a range of devices and a smartphone app that are designed to help the consumer get pregnant, give birth and take care of their baby. Each device has been designed to be a Bleep Bleeps character that connects to the Bleep Bleeps app on the consumer’s smartphone. The Bleep Bleeps provide the user with simple guidance and information to make parenting easier.

An example of one of the Bleep Bleeps characters is ‘Sammy Screamer’, a motion alarm. ‘Sammy Screamer’ is a movement sensor that connects to the Bleep Bleeps app. By putting the sensor on an object such as a door or a buggy, the consumer is able to monitor the movement of the object due to a notification being sent to the user’s phone when the object moves. The Bleep Bleeps app is designed so that the costumer can also change the sensitivity and sound on the Sammy Screamer.

In addition, Bleep Bleeps has created an ear thermometer called ‘Tony Tempa’. ‘Tony Tempa’ measures the body temperature by taking a reading from inside the user’s ear. It instantly shows the results on a LED display and the device sends the reading to the Bleep Bleeps app for tracking and guidance.

Other devices being produced by Bleep Bleeps include an Ultrasound pregnancy scanner, GPS bracelets and a video baby monitor.

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