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Organization: Sleepio

Country: UK

Forum: Innovation Showcases

Sleepio is an interactive smartphone app designed to utilize cognitive behavioral therapy to train people to use techniques that address the cognitive factors associated with insomnia. Sleepio helps overcome the worry and other negative emotions that accompany the experience of being unable to sleep.

By using answers to an “in-depth sleep test” and sleep data from an UP, Fitbit or Bodymedia (activity trackers) Sleepio is able to create a tailored programme to its costumer helping the consumer to sleep.

Sleepio has proven to make users fall asleep 50% faster than non-users and reduces night time awakenings by up to 60%. Sleepio will boost you daytime energy by up to 50% and thereby improve the wellbeing of the consumer remarkably.

Sleepio is founded by sleep expert Professor Colin Espie and ex-insomnia-sufferer Peter Hames. They have been measuring the world’s sleep since March 2012 via the Great British Sleep Survey and World Sleep Survey and thereby been able to collect one of the world’s largest sleep datasets in the process.

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