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Organization: E-Ranger

Country: Africa; India

Forum: Innovation Showcases

eRanger provides vehicles which are specially designed for use on the toughest terrain to ensure that its cargo – whether a patient, medical equipment or water - is delivered safely and in one piece. In addition to the eRanger ambulance, the eRanger vehicles enable packages for hospital treatment or other important kits to be delivered to rural areas of Africa, India and the Caribbean.

The eRanger combines the benefits of a motorcycle with the cargo capacity of a sidecar in a package that is cost effective and simple to maintain. The vehicles have been tested in the hardest conditions and have proven to be very reliable in making a positive impact in various parts of the world.

eRanger further provides a maintenance unit that contains different tools and equipment needed to properly maintain and repair the vehicles. eRanger is simple to repair allowing the consumer to maintain the same high standard. eRanger’s products include ambulances, mobile clinics, mobile education units, needle cutters and oasis water purification units.

By providing ambulances as well as vehicles for transport to rural communities, eRanger are able to save lives by contributing to local infrastructure.

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