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mHealth Greenhouse

Organization: Cornell Tech

Country: USA

Forum: Big data & healthcare

Developed by Cornell Tech in New York City, the mHealth Greenhouse is designed to encourage collaboration between clinicians and developers in order to create new ways to improve patient care through mobile data. The mHealth Greenhouse will empower clinicians to create novel and effective personal treatment tools for patients by integrating clinical expertise into the development team.

It is hoped that new mobile applications will be able to harvest the small data traces generated daily by individuals by gathering information through mobile phone communications, the location and mobility patterns of smartphones, shopping histories, emails, instant messages, social media use, and search engine histories. These integrative applications will provide patients and clinicians new insights into the relationship between health and lifestyle factors, which will support patients to self-manage and inform their own care.

The close connection between clinicians and developers means that any new applications are quickly tested by rapid, iterative, small-scale pilots by clinicians and patients. In the long-term, this will lead to an enhanced toolkit of reusable modules which will enable faster mHealth innovation. The pilots will provide evidence that can be used by others to support applications for funding for large-scale clinical trials and further commercial development, which will allow innovation and improvement to spread.

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