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CATCH Living Lab

Organization: MIT & Massachusetts General Hospital

Country: USA

Forum: Big data & healthcare

The CATCH (Center for Assessment Technology of Continuous Health) is a partnership between the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which aims to pioneer new human measurements and integrative analytic methods in order to transform how individuals monitor their own health and how clinicians prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.

They run a number of projects based on the understanding that effective medical care requires a complete appreciation of the patient’s full life, including behavioral and environmental factors, and a continuous monitoring of these factors over time and space. This is in contrast with the episodic and symptomatic nature of many current healthcare systems.

One example of such a project is encouraging patient-centered management of type 2 diabetes. Non-traditional data and behavior modifications have an important impact on type 2 diabetes and the risk of complications. Using a virtual cohort of 65,000 type 2 diabetics, CATCH will develop algorithms and probabilistic risk models for certain complications and display them on a visual dashboard. It is hoped that this will help to inform decision-making at both population and individual patient levels.

Another project focuses on type 1 diabetes. It uses smartphone technology to combine passive behavioral information on activity, mood, stress and social interactions with continuous glucose monitoring and traditional metabolic data. It is hoped that analysis of this data will provide new information on diabetes physiology and care which will improve outcomes for patients.

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