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Organization: mPedigree

Country: Africa

Forum: Big data & healthcare

Created in 2007, the mPedigree Network uses mobile and web technologies to secure products against counterfeiting and to provide powerful market intelligence and consumer behavior data. Through their flagship platform, "GoldKeys", consumers are able to validate the authenticity of their medicines by texting a unique code (revealed under a scratch-off panel) to a toll-free hotline. This request is routed to mPedigree’s servers and consumers receive a quick response to authenticate their purchase.

Not only does this empower consumers to check the legitimacy of a product, but it also provides large amounts of market information which can be used to discern broader patterns. These patterns can reveal changes in doctor prescription preferences which can be used to model diagnostic trends in specific geographies and support epidemiological programs that track the changing face of disease in Africa. They can also be used to help to evaluate the shifts in the economic burden of disease by looking at variations in drug-purchasing behavior over time.

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